Tool Steel

Get the right tool steel at the right price.

Sun Grinding offers a wide selection of tool steels and mold steels at a very competitive price. We offer pre-ground flat stock, high speed, tool steel rounds, tool steel plates, saw cutting, surface grinding, centerless grinding, and plate conversion in multiple grades:

D-2 P-20 4140
O-1 KDA1
S-7 KD11S

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    Value-Added Services

    Our value-added services can significantly reduce your production costs through:

    • Increased material yields
    • Less rough machining
    • Reduced machine and tool investment
    • Less non-productive time spent bidding and delivering material to multiple companies

    Our value-added services are intended as a convenience that enables you to order material based on your schedules and needs (not to infringe on the services you offer).

    You can make one call and receive your material exactly how you want it:

    • Raw stock
    • Stainless steel and aluminum
    • Surface grind up to 30″x120″
    • Centerless grind up to 4″ OD
    • Parallel, flat, or straight to your specs
    • Saw cut or flame cut
    • Water jet cut
    • Wire EDM
    • Heat-treated or stress relieved
    • Desired surface finish
    • Guaranteed
    • Single or in bulk