Tool Steel

Sun Grinding offers a wide selection of tool steels and mold steels at a very competitive price. We offer pre-ground flat stock, high speed, tool steel rounds, tool steel plates, saw cutting, surface grinding, centerless grinding, and plate conversion in multiple grades:

D-2 P-20 4140
O-1 KDA1
S-7 KD11S

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services can significantly reduce your production costs through:

  • Increased material yields
  • Less rough machining
  • Reduced machine and tool investment
  • Less non-productive time spent bidding and delivering material to multiple companies

You can make one call and receive your material exactly how you want it:

  • Raw stock
  • Surface grind up to 32″x168″
  • Centerless grind up to 4″ OD
  • Parallel, flat, or straight to your specs
  • Saw cut or flame cut
  • Water jet cut
  • Wire EDM
  • Heat-treated or stress relieved
  • Desired surface finish
  • Guaranteed
  • Single or in bulk

Our value-added services are intended as a convenience that enables you to order material based on your schedules and needs (not to infringe on the services you offer).