Surface Grinding

We offer an assortment of surface grinders including our large surface grinding machines which allow us to meet a wide range of grinding requirements as well as hold very tight tolerances on a large variety of parts.

We offer tight-tolerance surface grinders with sizes up to 32″ x 96″ and 16″ x 168″. We are able to handle any of your steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other non-magnetic materials.

Sun Grinding Blanchard GrinderSun Grinding Mattison Grinder

Our high-horsepower surface grinding machines enable us to obtain a higher degree of dimensional accuracy and finishing requirements when compared to other metal-cutting techniques such as milling or planning.

Sun Grinding also offers computer controlled surface grinding machines. We are able to achieve tight tolerances with repeatability.

Sun Grinding LODI GrinderSurface Grinding Services from Sun Grinding in Phoenix, AZ

For more information about our surface grinding capabilities or to get a quote for your surface grinding job, please contact us today.