OD Grinding

Sun Grinding offers OD Grinding services in Phoenix, AZ. We’re also able to serve customers nationwide.

Sun Grinding - OD Grinding Services Phoenix, AZ  sun-grinding-phoenix-od-between-centers

We’re now able to service your outside diameter (OD) grinding needs with our 2015 Studer CNC OD Grinder. Here are some of the features and benefits of what our OD grinding experts can do for your next project:

  • Grind up to 12.5″ OD and 25″ between centers.
  • Tolerances as tight as .0001″ on the OD and finishes up to 4 RA.
  • Straight OD, shoulders, corner radiuses, multiple OD’s and profiling.
  • Grind standard and exotic metals as well as plastics.

We are also able to hold your parts with 3-jaw chucks, magnetic chucks, collet chucks and specialized fixtures.

Sun Grinding OD Grinding Services 3-jaw chuck  Sun Grinding OD Grinding Services - magnetic chuck

In addition, we’re able to center lap and we have the inspection equipment to check your parts correctly to ensure precision work.

OD Grinding - Center Lap - Sun Grinding, Phoenix, AZ  OD Grinding Services, Phoenix, AZ - Comparator

For more information on our OD Grinding services or to get a quote, give us a call at 602-238-9595 or submit your info to us via email.