Mattison Grinding

Our Mattison grinding machines are able to grind materials up to 32″ by 96″ or up to 16″ by 168″. We have a wide-range capacity for serving many industries. For example, we can:

  • Achieve precision tolerances for demanding industries such as aerospace
  • Finish grind plates to specified parallel, flatness and finish quality
  • Grind table ways, lathe beds, brake dies, and other machine tools to recondition worn surfaces.
  • Grind shear blades up to 14’ long

Mattison Grinding services from Sun Grinding in Phoenix, AZSun Grinding Mattison Grinding Samples

It doesn’t matter if it’s one part or 100 parts at a time, WE CAN DO THE JOB! Contact us today for a quote!

Mattison surface grindingMattison surface grinding services - Sun Grinding