Blade Sharpening & Die Reconditioning

Sun Grinding can sharpen and refurbish all types of blades. We offer some of the largest capabilities for blade sharpening & die reconditioning grinding services in the western United States.

  • Shear blades up to 14′ long
  • Press brake dies
  • Iron workers blades
  • Granulator blades
  • Slitter blades
  • Chipper blades
  • Corrugated metal blades and many other types

Not only can we grind your blades, but our welding experts can build up damaged or worn areas and extend the life of your blades and save you money. Contact us today for a quote on your blade sharpening and die reconditioning job.

Sun Grinding blade sharpening & die reconditioningSun Grinding blade sharpening services

Blade sharpening services from Sun Grinding in Phoenix, AZDie reconditioning & manufacturing services from Sun Grinding in Phoenix, AZ