Blanchard Grinding

Reliable, precise Blanchard grinding services to fit your needs.

The Blanchard grinding machines at Sun Grinding are high-horsepower stock removal machines that can grind a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal and more. Blanchard is a manufacturer whose grinding machines are well known for reliable, precise grinding. This enables us to produce work that adheres to the tightest tolerances. Blanchard grinding is known for its signature “cross-hatched” surface finish pattern. Our largest 100 HP 60 inch chuck Blanchard grinding machine will cut the stock quickly and it allows us to grind parts up to 72” diagonally.

Some of what we can do for you with our Blanchard grinding machines:

  • Plate or block ground to size, flat and parallel
  • Sharpen hardened blades
  • Platens
  • End-plates
  • Bolster plates
  • Dies
  • Castings
  • And much more!

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